The Sentinel Pine is a private estate in Bigfork, MT available for personal and professional gatherings. These accommodations are near Glacier National Park.

Sentinel Pine Home
Fly Fishing




There are numerous fishing options that suit various tastes and levels of expertise. Fishing licenses, available for about $15 for two days or about $45 for ten days, can be purchased at the nearby Ferndale Grocery and many other places.


Casual anglers can cast off the dock or shore at the Sentinel Pine, using spinners and spoons; one might catch an occasional trout or other fish, especially at dusk.


The Swan River as it makes its way through Ferndale is a good bet for either casting or fly fishing. The simplest access point is at the Ferndale Grocery, beginning across the street from the grocery store on the left bank as you face the water. If you start as little as 45-60 minutes before sunset, by the time you’ve advanced 1000 feet or so, you will begin to feel as if you are in the movie "A River Runs Through It". It is peaceful and quiet, the only sound being the rushing water as the sun sets. A total novice can enjoy this experience.


Several groups conduct chartered fishing expeditions on Flathead Lake, where salmon and lake trout reach impressive sizes - 6 pounds is average, but they run up to 35 pounds! There are several guide services, the best being Dustin Bagley at (406) 837-3618. Most offer half-day or full-day trips for up to five people in the $300 and $500 price range, respectively. On a half-day trip, 3-4 would be an average catch.


The Swan Valley south of Swan Lake has numerous good spots for stream fishing and the higher lakes in the watershed can be quite rewarding for both fish and scenery. Also, various sections of Flathead River are also popular with local anglers. For information on access and conditions in the Flathead Valley region, inquire at the Ranger Headquarters in Bigfork (street address: 200 Ranger Station Road, Bigfork, MT 59911);Flathead National Forest Service (Bigfork, MT 59911; telephone: 406-837-7500; fax: 406-837-7503) or at Two Rivers Outfitters on Electric Avenue in Bigfork (telephone 406-837-3474). Two Rivers also has a reliable guide service that will put together custom fishing expeditions. A second fishing guide service is Wild Trout Adventure ( or 406-837-3838). Rafting down these rivers with a guide can be a fun, rewarding experience even if not everyone in the boat fishes.

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